The Treatment of Cataract

It is beautiful to explore the beauty of this world with your eyes. We should be thankful to nature for the wonderful gift of sight that has been given to us using which we not only perform various functions of life, but also enjoy the charm and colors of this universe. Human eye is a complicated organ, which is connected with brain and both work in association with each other to make vision possible for a person. However, for getting a clear image of any point of interest it is very much important that light rays should get a clear path for reaching retina. Different mediums present inside eye especially lens should be in a clear position for allowing the light to pass through. There are different conditions which develop leading to the development of opacity in lens and this will block the light rays leading to visual loss. This condition is known as cataract and sadly it is affecting a great majority of human population around the globe.

There can be many reasons present behind the lenticular changes which lead to the above mentioned condition. Some of these are being discusses below

  •  Metabolic changes taking place in human body
  • Trauma to eye particularly lens
  • Congenital cataract is also reported
  • Exposure to harmful radiations for prolonged time period


There is no other effective treatment for cataract other than eye surgery and it should be done by a capable eye surgeon. The procedure is simple, but should always be handled by experts.