How to organise your storage area

All warehouses, no matter how big or small, need to have a properly organised system for stock storage to maximise productivity and avoid errors. You don’t want to turn away potential long-term customers with late deliveries and incorrect orders.SUPER 123 BOLTLESS SHELVING

As a rule of thumb, there should be three distinct areas in your warehouse:

  • The “incoming goods” area where stock coming in should be sorted, looking out for any defective items. It can then be sent to the central storage area.
  • The central area is where orders will be picked. Everything should be labelled and arranged in the most ergonomical way so that items can be found without delay. You should be able to see everything at a glance and Warehouse Storage Supplies’ boltless shelving is great for this purpose.
  • The dispatch area is where the products are packed and made ready for delivery. You’ll also want to consider some storage solutions for boxes and other packaging materials. They’re best kept flat packed and assembled when needed. You might consider keeping items that are hotly in demand in the dispatch area for speed of picking and packing.

You’ll need to think about a system for storing your items. Everything depends on the size of your business. For smaller warehouses, labelling your items by number and keeping them in a fixed place on the shelves should be sufficient. Larger companies with a fluctuating product range may need to regularly reassess their system depending on what is currently in stock.

Our excellent pallet trucks are ideal for moving large orders around your warehouse. They’re easy to manoeuvre and capable of squeezing around tight corners, but make things easier on yourself by ensuring you can easily move between the different storage areas. Having walls and doors in the way or needing to go into a different building is going to slow down the movement of your items and reduce the number of orders you can process. Use things like tape and floor markings to simply delineate between different areas of the warehouse.RETAIL SHELVING