Whenever I refresh my Facebook feed in the morning instead of opening the newspaper , I’m currently seeing discussions on Instagram almost every day. Fake followers here, like-bots there … it seems like my entire Facebook friends list is just talking about this topic. Although I prefer to be a passive reader in such matters, today I would like to add my ‘mustard’. It is just too up to date, interesting and sometimes even so sad that it is funny again.

Instagram at that time & Instagram now

Instagram is an inspirational platform for me. I follow people who I find inspirational, like pictures that I like and from time to time I comment too. If there’s a social media platform that I like most, it’s buy instagram followers. I started on Instagram with “snapshots” of my everyday life: Quickly took a picture of my shoes (= from where I stood) made the Valencia filter over it and immediately posted. So quick and easy it was  back then . Crazy, how the platform has developed in just a few years, right?

It is quite natural that people are fixated on numbers. Everyone is happy about recognition: a nice comment and some likes … that just feels good! But what if no reaction comes? What if you post regularly and really make an effort, but the followers and likes do not take long?

No likes & followers? “Then I will just buy it!”

More and more Instagramer are buying likes and followers. Or better said, scary many do! (How do I know that? Read on – we’ll get there!). It seems like one is now really something special, if you do not. But having people follow Instagram is not new. Back then, there is a new trend that is at least as terrible: Automated Like-Bots and Comments.

One of the many Instagram bot pages describes an Instagram bot (short for ‘robot’ robot)  as follows: “It generates attention to your Instagram profile by automating the liking process. This powerful web-based tool helps you get started on Instagram on autopilot. ”

A message to all fake instagrammers

It’s the number one topic of conversation at all blogger events and on various blogs: who has fallen for the Like and Follower craze and become part of this absolutely absurd thing? Who is still “real”? Who has never been “real”?

My dear Fake Instagramers and Like Bot Users: Do you really believe that others will not notice? Do you really think that it does not stand out? I’m not interested in the changed number of followers. What is more noticeable is the activities of the Instagram accounts. You can easily uncover a Like Bot user by clicking on the small heart icon in the buy real instagram followers menu bar and then clicking on the “Subscribed” submenu. There you can see the last activities of the followed accounts. Julia likes a flower picture of Sophie, Eva likes an outfit picture of Ursula … that’s all quite normal. But then there are some accounts that I notice regularly (and there are more and more!).