Advantages of fiber optics

To resort to the service of companies of general maintenance of buildings in Barcelona Sant Martí is also necessary when we want to realize the installation or the supervision of networks of Internet. In recent years, fiber optic cable manufacturer is flooding our homes with succulent offers by telephone operators, so it is a reality that is already here.

The companies of general maintenance of buildings in Barcelona Sant Martí know very well the advantages of having fiber optic installed in front of the copper cable alternative. That’s why here, we want to clarify them.

One of the main advantages is the speed in the transmission of data. In the optical fiber it can reach a speed of 10Gb per second. This causes a faster Internet connection, loading the pages faster; it also causes that the download of files is much more rapid, benefitting mainly the biggest files; In addition, the bandwidth consumption is much lower.

Related to speed, fiber optic cable allows communications in video and sound not only faster, but with better quality. You will see no cuts or interference with improved image quality. In addition, you will no longer suffer some discomfort from the electromagnetic interference of the microwave or the elevator, for example. You will thus avoid cutting the network or reducing the connection speed.

Finally, it provides much more security than a wireless network. In the fiber, knowing if someone is stealing or intervening your connection is easy to notice, especially when someone outside your surroundings uses the data of your connection.