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5 tips so that your feet do not suffer when wearing heels

Lately, the outfits used (even on catwalks) include tennis or flats. This style is very comfortable for many, in addition to helping to avoid spinal problems and back pain. In fact, podiatrists and orthopedists recommend varying the type and height of the shoes we wear every day. However, there are certain outfits and events that require wearing heels.

The fact that they look amazing does not mean that walking with them all day is not a challenge. Even if you are used to them. Therefore, below, we give you some tips so that your feet do not suffer when using heels (antibiotico para unha encravada).

Avoid heels with thin soles: This type of heels will make the sole hurt because it will not give good support to the imperfections of the floor. It is best to use heels with thick soles or even platforms. Another option is to use gel skin inside the shoe.

Shape your heels: If you have a special event, do not wear your new shoes. Although they fit perfectly when tested, the heels have to adapt to the shape of your foot. When you use them for the first time, you will discover small details that will tire you out and even hurt you. If you have new shoes for something specific, use them beforehand to mold them.

Use antiperspirant: When using talcum powder or foot spray, you will reduce sweating. In this way, you will avoid the risk of blisters.

Join your fingers: Join your second and third toes with a micropore tape or bandage. In this way, you will release pressure from your fingers and reduce the pain of wearing heels for a long time.

Opt for heels with bracelet: The bracelet or strip on the instep will give you more security when walking because you know that your shoe will not come off. In contrast, with the shoes discovered in the instep, your foot makes an unconscious effort to hold them, which makes you get tired more.

Other tips for wearing heels

Remember that when using very high heels, it is best to keep moving. Contrary to what you think, standing is worse because you rest all your weight on the sole of the foot. Therefore, you get tired more.

When you get home and take off your shoes, wash them or soak them for a while in cold water. This will reduce the normal swelling. Then, put some cream to avoid dryness and blisters.