buy real instagram comments


Anyone who wants to present himself as a modern, open-minded company and wants to reach long ranges over a longer period of time must not ignore Instagram. That is at least the prognosis, according to which the image platform in 2017 will match with Google, which concerns the net sales of mobile display ads.

Instagram was carefully built after the acquisition by Facebook as a useful supplement. The platform has since opened up for moving-image and direct-response formats and offers the same targeting and analysis tools as the “big sister”.

How to build a successful Instagram account by buy real instagram comments, I explain in the following five tips.



The right number of hashtags does not exist. Rather, the relevance of hashtags determines their success.

For this reason, it is recommended to introduce your own hashtags . A prime example of this is the Austrian beverage manufacturer Red Bull with its hashtags #GivesYouWings, #shareyourwings and #FlyingFridays. These are concise, reusable and informative – and for that very reason also successful.

Combined, these hashtags own can of course with popular hashtags like #TBT (Throwback Thursday) or #foodporn – but only if those in the context really make sense.

Tip: The range of an image increases as more and better information is added to the image. Interesting captions, specified places, and tagged people can boost success in addition to useful hashtags.



New followers and numerous likes are the logical goal of every well thought-out Instagram contest. However, not only the number of new followers, but also their relevance regarding the target group of the advertised product is important.

The most important factors for a (on user and company side) meaningful raffle are a relevant profit, a specific hashtag and clear instructions to the users (more on this later, keyword: Call To Action). All these factors can be conveyed with a single image as soon as the contest is initialized. In addition to the image, as in Facebook, the terms and conditions for the competition must be communicated. This can be done either in the Caption or on a dedicated landing page.

In principle, three types are suitable for setting up the contest, which can also be combined as desired:


Enter To Win

Users post a picture and mention both the username of the raffle account and a hashtag that was created especially for the raffle. The user who gets the most likes on his picture wins the prize. The chance is great that an influencer will win.


Like To Win

Users like a picture promoting the competition. This may or should be similar to that of New Amsterdam. The winner will eventually be chosen from all the likes of the picture.


Follow To Win

Here, the prize will be raffled among all users who follow the account. Produces little interaction and is really only really good in combination with the “Like to Win” variant.



If you want something from your followers, then say it directly! If you want interaction with your customers, then invite them! For example, if you want users to like your picture, post a picture with the caption: “Liket this picture to take part in the raffle!” Users will respond positively and comply with your request.



Reposting is fun! From my own experience I know how fast you could tend to it with the so-called cross-posting exaggerate. The Like number shoots up without you having to be very creative. Followers will not be generated. There is a simple reason, which must sound almost romantic for content marketers: Instagram is a great channel to creative content creates – and that the users expect. I’ll leave it that way.



Images of people convey sympathy and transport emotional messages better than expensive cars or elegant chains. If you want to promote your product with pictures, you should give it life – literally.

Another success factor comes from the world of hues: people like bright pictures rather than dark ones; they give them a more positive feeling. You should pay attention to this when producing your pictures.