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10 tips to succeed on Instagram with the photos of your trips

Instagram is the social network of the moment and adding followers is a growing desire in our society. If you also want to increase your number of followers, the photos of your trips can be your biggest resource; you just need to follow some small keys to get more impact buy ig likes. And, Instagram has become a great travel guide to know what places to visit or where to eat, so, make the photos of your trips as well as striking are useful sharing your best recommendations, and with this and the following recommendations : To triumph on Instagram!


  1. Always publish at the same time

Choose your best time to publish and always do the same. There are many opinions on the best time to publish, although it is true that many coincide in pointing to certain hours of the morning (02:00 h), the first hours of the day (between 08:00 and 09:00 h) and around mid-afternoon (a 17.00). The best thing is that you try to publish yourself at different times to know when your audience is connected and based on your results, choose that time or hours of the day and never fail your appointment.


  1. Use hashtags

Use appropriate hashtags for each publication. It takes time but is the most effective if you want to succeed on Instagram. In the photos of your trips, choose hashtags that speak of your location and all those related to travel and tourism that are more popular at that time. There are websites like Webstagram or Instatag  that allow us to know which are trends.


  1. Add a good description

As we said earlier, Instagram is becoming a multi-topic guide. In the social network we find references to many topics that are very useful to us such as cooking, travel, fashion … Therefore, it is essential to include good descriptions that accompany and complete the information of our snapshots. This will be much more useful for users, who can remove the maximum possible information from that recommendation, advice, recipe, etc. In the case of your travel images, talk about your experience in that place, the food you tried, the places you visit … Recommend! And you will see how much your followers like it.


  1. Interact with all the tools

If you want to succeed on Instagram by reaching a large audience and achieving their loyalty, it is convenient that you feed your content with the different tools that the social network provides us, such as interspersing images with videos of the places you visit, or updating your stories with instant images, explanatory videos and live videos.


  1. Show the best of each house

To succeed on Instagram always shows the best: the best angle, the best light (always natural), the perfect time, your best profile, the most coquettish corner, the most succulent dish, the wildest landscape … We know that everything in travel It’s not perfect, but if you want to have an attractive Instagram profile, the ideal is to show the best side of everything you want to tell, including yourself if you want to appear.


  1. Decántate by the cold colors

Did you know that the photos that tend to blue have 24% more likes than those in which the red color dominates? The explanation? The visual stress and over-impaction to which we are subjected by so many stimuli, makes us appreciate being able to pose the view in something that relaxes us.


  1. Look for a lot of light

The more clarity there is in your images, the better. The clearest photos have 24% more likes. And the reason seems the same as in the previous point: clarity relieves the images and users appreciate that lightness.


  1. Use fewer colors

To succeed on Instagram it seems that it is best to reduce the color palette, because when there is only one dominant color we receive 17% more likes.


  1. Remember that the fund matters

When you upload images of your trips in which there is a main element and a background, it is very important not to recharge the background. Photos with neutral backgrounds and more air (space around the central element) get 30% more likes than the rest. For example, if you photograph yourself with a landscape in the background, try to make it as homogeneous as possible, have similar tonalities and the smallest possible elements appear, to get all the attention focused on you.


  1. Photography textures

And finally, a great key to succeed on Instagram are the textures. The images with textures have 79% more likes than those that are soft and flat. A counterpoint to minimalism proposed by other aesthetic advice, which finds its reason for success in the ability to convey through an image more closeness and realism. Textures make the user’s experience closer to reality, since textures are something we associate with direct experience.